Why Every Christian Should (Worshipfully) Study Systematic Theology

Just as a wife seeks to know the intricate details of her husband so that she might love him more with greater intimacy and depth, so we as the people of God, Christ’s bride (Ephesians 5:32ff; cf. Revelation 19:6-9), spend the rest of our days desirously growing in the knowledge of God through his Word so that we might love and cherish him more and more until our faith is made sight.

Have You Made Worship About You?

The staff person on stage finishes the announcements while you make haste to finish shaking hands with the older gentleman in the row behind you. You remember shaking his hand last week; he had that firm, strong two-pump Baby-Boomer handshake, whereas your hand was a limp lump of awkwardness barely making it halfway into the…