Why Every Christian Should (Worshipfully) Study Systematic Theology

Just as a wife seeks to know the intricate details of her husband so that she might love him more with greater intimacy and depth, so we as the people of God, Christ’s bride (Ephesians 5:32ff; cf. Revelation 19:6-9), spend the rest of our days desirously growing in the knowledge of God through his Word so that we might love and cherish him more and more until our faith is made sight.

How Do I Grow in Christ-likeness?

Preface This article is a condensed and edited excerpt from my position paper On Personal Godliness from the chapter “How Do You Grow in Personal Godliness?” For the excerpt on “What is Personal Holiness?” go here. For “What is the Motivation of Personal Godliness?” go here. How Do You Grow in Personal Godliness? To grow…