Best of My Week: Books, Podcasts & Articles

Here is a quick list of some of my favorite books, articles, and podcasts that I consumed this past week.


I put out a feeler for Audible book recommendations and landed on Everything Sad is Untrue by Daniel Nayeri. Shoutout to Hannah Morrison and Becca Volz for the recommendation!

In the last week or so I finished 1984 by George Orwell. Having previously listened to Animal Farm by Orwell twice this year, I found the same witty allegory and political irony present in the former as was in the latter. However, my experience of the book was somewhat tarnished from some of the more depraved and sexually illicit scenes of the book that left you feeling guilty for just having just read/listened to those sections. However, this seems to have been part of Orwell’s intent within the storyline; his ability to get to the heart of the wickedness of the human heart and imagination while drawing a visceral reaction from you, the reader.

One book I have to give a plug for, though I listened to it last month, is The Only Plane In the Sky: An Oral History of 9/11. The author chronologically orders hundreds of interviews she conducted with survivors to take you through the events of 9/11 minute by minute with the fire fighters, police men, businessmen and women, politicians and individuals who were personally connected to and affected by the day.


For you history geeks, you have to check out America’s Forgotten Heroes and the half dozen absolutely incredible episodes they produced. From Jimmy Doolittle and Booker T. Washington to John Paul Jones and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain; one of my favorites is based on WWI ace pilot Frank Luke in Frank Luke Draws His Sidearm.

I recently came across the Hard Men Podcast. I’ve listened to a half dozen episodes or so and I waffle between a hearty enthusiasm and a cringing apprehension for their content. I recommend them to you but caution you with discernment; they see-saw from mature, winsome, and intelligent conversation on one podcast to crass politico-theological rants full of confirmation bias on the next.

Nevertheless, two episodes that I found rather intelligent, mature and thought provoking were the Strength Training, Testosterone, and Masculinity with Matt Reynolds, CEO of Barbell Logic and The Manliness of Christ with Dale Partridge episodes.


If you’re like me and want to be somewhat up to date on current events but don’t fancy Fox News, CNN, Associated Press, and the like, then you have to check out World News Group. WNG puts out great content from a biblical worldview with regular opinion pieces from the likes of Kevin DeYoung, Abigail Dodds, Al Mohler, Allie Beth Stuckey and Carl Trueman.

A recent article from WNG that I found interesting discussed the Reformation’s influence on economics.

Open Source Defense (OSD) recently sent me an article in their newsletter that I found to be an interesting rabbit hole. The article is a blog post from a prominent podcaster who walks through how he completely revamped his framework for self-defense in the wake of the many events of 2020; what he learned from his professional connections to special forces and military personnel and what he recommends to others in light of his findings.

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