What I Concealed Carry as a Christian

At the end of the day, as a Christian man, I want to go out of my way to be able to protect human life. Whether it’s stopping to give aid to a bicyclist who got hit by an Amazon van; pulling over to plead with a man to not jump off of an overpass and take his life; or, if the bitter day were to come to me, to be willing to run towards the sound of gunfire.

Living Out Your Theology: The Imago Dei

I remember being curious about one of my pastors. I wondered why it was so easy for him to be kind, gracious, and loving towards people who I found rather strange or socially awkward. Where I tried to look for a quick exit ramp in conversations with these people, he would hold conversations with them that lasted for several minutes.

Why Every Christian Should (Worshipfully) Study Systematic Theology

Just as a wife seeks to know the intricate details of her husband so that she might love him more with greater intimacy and depth, so we as the people of God, Christ’s bride (Ephesians 5:32ff; cf. Revelation 19:6-9), spend the rest of our days desirously growing in the knowledge of God through his Word so that we might love and cherish him more and more until our faith is made sight.

Do Not Waste the Beauty of Your Singleness, Savor It

There are times in our singleness when we feel like a bird trapped in a cage. We wait for a beautiful songbird to come along, pick the lock to the cage of our singleness, and fly away with us. But there is a sweet and soft pillow to lay our heads upon in our singleness. A truth that melts the tension, fear, and stress we fight in the waiting.

5-Minute Systematics: The Authority of God in Scripture

Introduction: On Authority In the present-day postmodern West, authority is perceived as a “medieval” concept. Love itself has been redefined in alienation to authority: a “liberated love” that democratizes authority in crowning every man the ruler of his own life. Ironically, in seeking to dismantle authority, our culture has deified authority. We don’t hate authority…

5-Minute Systematics: The Word of God

Introduction: Where Does Theology Come From?     If systematic theology is a method of studying God in order to know, love, obey, and glorify him, what or who do we go to as source(s) for theology? Where should we draw theology from? Moreover, what or who should we look to as the authority in deciding…

Seeing the Glory of the Gospel in Jesus’ Feeding the Five Thousand

Setting the Stage Recorded in Mark 6:30-56 are the trifold miracles of Jesus feeding five thousand men with five loaves and two fish, Jesus walking on water, and Jesus healing the sick. Oftentimes, these texts — as well as their parallel accounts in Matthew, Luke, and John — are preached with the conclusion that Jesus…

What is Personal Holiness?

Introduction In the opening chapter of Scripture God creates mankind in his own image (Genesis 1:26, 27). It is our being made in the image of God – and Christ’s restoration of this image in his life, death, and resurrection – that establishes what it means for God’s people to be holy. In other words,…

Why Pursue Holiness?

Introduction The gospel is the good news that man can be forgiven his sins against a holy God because of the grace and love offered through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, being the Son of God and thus himself God (Jn. 1:1-5), came and took upon himself our very nature so that he may save us…

How Do I Grow in Christ-likeness?

How Do You Grow in Personal Godliness? To grow in personal godliness is to grow in faith, for faith is the root of holiness. Pursue holiness apart from faith, and you will only ever manufacture legalism and empty morality. Faith is the foundation upon which holiness arises because of the object of faith: Christ ….